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Tiny study suggests peanut allergy can be overcome

An interesting read... "Doctors in Britain are closer to finding a cure for severe nut allergies, according to a study published Friday. A research team at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge exposed children gradually to tiny amounts of peanuts over six months to build up their tolerance. It is the first time such a desensitization program has been used to treat a food allergy. Four children — who risked fatal anaphylactic shock from contact with traces of peanut — took part in the study published in Allergy. The children were initially given a dose of five milligrams but by the end were able to tolerate 880 milligrams — equal to five peanuts. "We've shown it works. We've shown it can be done safely. Now we're at the stage where we need a larger trial and perhaps a control group, so that we can show it has a large effect," said Dr. Andy Clark, the study's lead researcher. The research provides hope for the one in 50 young people in Brit

Pretzels vs Peanuts

"After years of handing out pretzels to passengers, Northwest Airlines is going back to peanuts." Check out And on the right hand side of the article is a poll: "Which snack do you prefer while flying? Peanuts or Pretzels?" Cast your vote and forward the link above onto your friends.