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Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative - Motion 230

The Anaphylaxis Motion introduced in the last Parliament remains unchanged, other than a new number being assigned. Collectively, we can build on the previous Parliament's all-party support. You can help: Spread the word of this great news. Encourage other families to get involved. Contact your MP - ask for his/her support. Visit. Phone. Email. Write. Post to your Facebook page - click 'like' to show support. Go to Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative Facebook page. Participate in dialogue on Allergic Living's forum. Go to Allergic Living Forum - Advocacy and Accommodations. Blog. Email to keep us informed of your progress. Thank you to Dean Allison and colleagues for their commitment to anaphylaxis awareness in Canada. Contact: Cindy Paskey, NASK President --- (905) 934-0681 / Debbie Bruce, NASK / Mississauga Anaphylaxis Group --- (905) 828-1954 / Don Tulloch, Legislative Assistant, MP Dean Allison --- (613) 995-2

Summer Savings at Blue bear Aware

"School is almost out and our children are super excited about the upcoming holidays! We avoid stressful situations at our kids summer camp by having them wear a BBA t-shirt. It sends a gentle reminder to the camp cousellors and adminstration." Mae, - daughter with peanut allergy Shop at Blue Bear Aware this week and save 15% on your order. Place the code SS611 in the coupon box at the check-out! (Min order $45. valid until June 21, 2011)