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Thoughts of Easter!

Wow- where has February gone?
Spring will soon be here, and thoughts of Easter are slowly coming to fruition.
This year the PAC at my children's school is making a concerted effort to have a fun inclusive community Easter activity rather than the traditional Easter"egg" hunt, chocolate eggs, etc. We are having the local Garden Works present a workshop on how to grow your own Easter Bunny! And the kids are thrilled. The bunny will be built in a pot with a peat head full of cat grass seed (for fur), then the kids will garnish the pot with a pompom bunny tail, ears and eyes. And throughout spring and summer they will have the fun watering and trimming the bunny's hair. For more info check outGarden Works.
And for your own little bunny's Easter basket, how about this peanut free T-shirt!

How does your Family wear its Blue Bear Aware?

Submit your comments or photos on how members of your family wear their Blue Bear Aware t-shirt, auto-injector, badges etc... And be entered into a draw for a $25.00 Blue Bear Aware Gift certificate.
Photos and thoughts will be shared at Kids + Allergies.