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New Uno and Duo auto-injector designs have arrived at Blue Bear Aware!

Today until June 21, 2012, receive 10% off all auto-injector pouches at Blue Bear Aware. Use the code allergyprotector in the coupon box at the checkout page.* (minimum purchase $45.oo) Remember, your child is responsible for their own Twinject or Epi-Pen when going to Summer Camps, Sport Clinics, etc. Help prevent a reaction with any of Blue Bear's Allergy Alert products. Peanut and other allergen alert Wristbands are the perfect summer solution, as they dry quickly when immersed in water and do not shrink. Or for a quick fix, put an Allergy Alert label on your child's clothing. Please like us at Blue Bear Aware Allergy Products Facebook page!

Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

The deadline for Anaphylaxis Canada's Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award is June 22, 2012! Please forward this reminder to a teenager or young adult in your life to let them know about this exciting scholarship opportunity. Anaphylaxis Canada will be granting two awards of $1000 each - one to a student who is entering the first year of post-secondary education (i.e. university or college) and one to a student who is already enrolled in a post-secondary program. The award recognizes the role of youth in raising awareness and educating others about life-threatening allergies. It is dedicated to the life of Sabrina Shannon, an inspiring teenager who passed away in 2003 after a fatal anaphylactic reaction at school. Since her passing, Sabrina’s parents and other members of the allergy community have rallied around her memory, advocating for allergy-safe schools and communities across Canada. For more information and to download an application form, please visit our Why Risk It? Yout