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Finding the Best EpiPen Case for me

Hands down the most common question I'm asked is, "What's the best epi case for me?" The truth is, there is no one perfect case for anyone. Now before you say, "But I have a case, and it is fantastic!", let me ask you - would you wear the same clothes everyday? Of course not! (Well, I did once for a few days in college when funds were low,  exams were on, and the laundromat was expensive, but I digress). An epi case is like an accessory - you can switch it up depending on your mood, the season and what plans you have for the day. Having a choice in cases is especially important for kids who like to express their unique style and it could make the difference in having them carry it with them throughout the day or 'accidentally' forgetting it at home. Most importantly are the features each case provide and how it fits in with your day. Because let's face it, no matter how fashion forward something looks, if it's not comfortable, yo

Top 5 tips for road tripping with food allergies

As I mentioned last week, our family took a massive road trip this summer. We piled three children ages 2, 6 and 8 into a minivan on the last day of school and drove over 8,500 miles or almost 14,000kms throughout North America. Let me give you a moment for that craziness to sink it. Without food allergies, it's plain crazy. Throw in remote locations (as in just us in a desert and the vultures circling overhead), hotel breakfast buffets and food allergies...well, it made our summer truly an adventure. It took a bit of planning ahead of time, but we managed to have an enjoyable, relaxed holiday with no incidents, no exclusions and memories to last a lifetime. Without further ado, here are Blue Bear Aware's top 5 tips for road tripping with food allergies. 1.  Pack extra epi's and proper storage for them. I'm still amazed at how many people take just one auto injector when heading out the door. Please always have a minimum of two epinephrine injectors with yo

Enjoy Life Foods Brownie Baking Mix Review

My family travelled on an epic two month road trip this summer. No easy feat when faced with remote locations and food allergies. After actually enjoying two months in a minivan with three kids, coming home was bittersweet. A nice surprise was on our doorstep to great us, however. It was not one, but two boxes of goodies from Enjoy Life Foods and Erica over at Celiac and the Beast . Hitting the road in West Texas The first box contained snack sized bags of Plentils in a variety of flavours. The girls and my husband devoured these like we had been stranded on a desert island for two months, not traveling throughout North America. I'll share more about these later - pictures of them inhaling Plentils and grunting, "Mmmm", "so gooood...", and "more!" wasn't pretty. When they're feeling more civilized, we'll try again. The second box contained the Enjoy Life Foods new line of five baking mixes. They're gluten and top 8 free. Si