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Blue Bear Aware's High 5 for Back to School!

1 Speak to your child's Teacher and School Administration before school starts to discuss medication, Dr's notes, school policy and emergency plan. 2 Clearly label medications and complete school paperwork with your child's photo, name and instructions. Make sure these items are accessible at all times and all staff is aware as to where they are stored. 3 Remind you child not to share any food or drinks with class-mates. 4 Ensure your child carries their medications with them at all times- in the classroom, on the playground, on field trips, or sport events. 5 Your child is the best advocate about his or her allergies; listen, encourage and support them as they teach the children in their classroom about allergies.

Back to School Savings!

If your little one is starting JK or returning to the elementary classroom, make going back to school fun with the right allergy alert gear! Check out the fun and fashionable assortment of allergy products at Blue Bear Aware. Today until September 3, 2012 receive 10% off or 25% off your order of allergy gear. Place the appropriate code in the coupon box at the check out and Save!* For orders from $10.00- $54.00 use the code B2SCH and receive 10% off your order. For order $55.00+ use the code B2SCHx and receive 25% off your order. Remember to check out Blue Bear's On Sale page as we have added some great bargains! Thank you to all our customers for their continued patronage and all the work you do for the allergy community. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please feel free to share this email with a friend. *sale items count towards dollar minimum but are not applicable to discount. Minimum purchase $10.00 for code B2SCH a

Food Labelling

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced that that enhanced labelling regulations for food allergens comes into effect on August 4, 2012. Below is an overview of the New Requirements: •Most prepackaged products must include allergens, gluten sources, and sulphites in the list of ingredients or in a statement that begins with "Contains:.." on their labels; •Food allergen or gluten sources must be written in commonly used words such as "milk" or "wheat"; •Mustard seed will be added to the regulatory definition of food allergen and will need to be in the list of ingredients or in a statement that begins with "Contains:.." on the label; •The common names for the plant sources of starches, modified starches, hydrolyzed plant protein and lecithin must be modified to provide source information. For example, the label must indicate hydrolyzed soy protein rather than just hydrolyzed vegetable protein; •Products that includ