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Mom Entrepreneur and Blue Bear Aware

Blue Bear Aware has been nominated at Savvy Mom's " Mom Entrepreneur Aware " . This is a reader's choice contest designed to find Canada's top Mom Entrepreneur. Please vote for Blue Bear Aware and help spread the word about allergy awareness. THANK-YOU!

Summer Camp

"Most adults remember their camp days with great fondness. Children with food allergies should be able to have the same wonderful experience. As a parent, the same diligence you use when investigating your child’s school will also help you choose the right camp. If you’re a camp director or counselor, working as a team with parents will enable you take the precautions needed to protect food-allergic campers. For Parents A team meeting with the staff at camp can be just as helpful as the one for school. You’ll want to include the head of food service, so you can learn about the food allergy management policies in the kitchen and see menus beforehand. You’ll also want to inquire about food policies in the bunks and during special activities. As with all professionals who care for your child, you’ll want to provide the Emergency Medical Plan and an Emergency Treatment Authorization form. Finally, you should gather the following information from the camp administration: Has the ca

Canadian Anaphylaxis Registry

What is the Canadian Anaphylaxis Registry? The Registry is an information service, provided by Anaphylaxis Canada, for people who are allergic to food, insect stings, medication, latex, or exercise. It may also be of benefit to people who are intolerant or sensitive to foods. How does the Registry work? You provide information about your or your loved one's allergies. You choose which information you want to receive, such as: Updates on food labelling and product alerts Latest research findings Tips for staying safe School related issues Others who have an interest in anaphylaxis can also sign up for this information service, such as schools, camps, media, and medical professionals. Visit the site for more details: