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Finding the Best EpiPen Case for me

Hands down the most common question I'm asked is, "What's the best epi case for me?" The truth is, there is no one perfect case for anyone. Now before you say, "But I have a case, and it is fantastic!", let me ask you - would you wear the same clothes everyday? Of course not! (Well, I did once for a few days in college when funds were low,  exams were on, and the laundromat was expensive, but I digress).

An epi case is like an accessory - you can switch it up depending on your mood, the season and what plans you have for the day. Having a choice in cases is especially important for kids who like to express their unique style and it could make the difference in having them carry it with them throughout the day or 'accidentally' forgetting it at home.

Most importantly are the features each case provide and how it fits in with your day. Because let's face it, no matter how fashion forward something looks, if it's not comfortable, you're not gonna wear it regularly. Below are some of the most popular cases available and the pros and cons of each.

I was lucky enough to visit the SPIBelt offices in Austin, Texas, last year and see the belts being made in their warehouse. Yes, this product is made right here in the US and the quality is topnotch. Originally designed for runners for their small personal items, it turns out that the SPIBelt is also a perfect match for epi injectors, asthma inhalers and insulin pumps. The belt is super soft, and the spandex material fits flat against the skin. What we especially love about this case is that whether you carry Auvi-Q / Allerject, EpiPen, another brand or a mix of all, it fits in this case.

  - Inexpensive 
  - Available in a variety of colors
  - Belt is soft against skin, so perfect for those who wear under clothes
  - Fits flat against body, works well for those who prefer a discreet look
  - User can easily switch between Allerject / Auvi-Q or EpiPen
  - Washable

  - Not water-resistant, but you can use a Loksak waterproof bag inside
  - Spandex material can wear more easily, especially when worn on rough and tumble kids 

In store soon! Hockey styled Auvi-Q cases
KozyGo were the very first epi cases Blue Bear Aware had in store almost 10 years ago and it's still going strong! The quality and durability of these cases are what keeps it a favorite among fans. KozyGo cases are constructed of neoprene, which is ideal in climates where the temperatures can be varied. The neoprene acts as an insulating barrier, so whether it's frigid or sweltering in your neck of the woods, KozyGo can help keep your epinephrine at an ideal temperature. The neoprene also acts as a soft cushion to protect your meds against knocks and bruises. Blue Bear has a variety of the cases for Auvi-Q / Allerject and EpiPen, and each case will hold one (UNO) or two (DUO) injectors.

  - Durable - great for active kids on the playground or the sports field
  - Provides insulation in cold or warm climates
  - Detachable, adjustable belts means the whole family can carry the same case
  - Available in tons of styles and designs
  - Most are washable

  - Can feel bulky 
  - At the mid to higher end of the price range

CarryNine is a new player on the market, but addresses a need that has long been overlooked. For the more sophisticated carrier, CarryNine provides gorgeous, supple, Kodiak leather wallets. Blue Bear carries a wallet that holds an Auvi-Q / Allerject on one side and space for credit cards and cash on the other side. It makes a great Christmas gift for a teen or Dad. My husband carries his with one Auvi-Q for our daughter, and she carries the other in a SPIBelt or KozyGo.

  - Outstanding quality
  - Hand-stitched
  - A great option for teens and Dads, makes a wonderful Christmas, graduation or birthday gift.

  - At the high end of the price range
While not exactly a carrier, the Frio deserves mention in this post. Originally designed for insulin carriers, Frio helps maintain an ideal temperature for epinephrine as well. It works by simply activating the inner liner with cool water. It keeps EpiPens and Auvi-Q / Allerject within 64-79 degrees (18-26C) for up to 45 hours.

  - Keeps epinephrine in the ideal temperature range for up to 45 hours
  - Reusable
  - Only cool water required (no refrigeration)

  - Bulky and another case (purse, knapsack, etc) is often required to carry it around.
  - You can over-soak the Frio and will have to wait until it dries out some (hours to days).

I hope this provides insight on what carriers would be a great fit for you and your family, but if you have more questions or comments, leave them below or send an email to We'll be happy to assist!


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