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Design a T-shirt to Celebrate Allergy Awareness Month!

Blue Bear Aware is inviting Canadian Youth to design a stylish new t-shirt graphic for our Holiday collection!

About the Contest

1. Blue Bear Aware will launch the new t-shirt design for our Holiday Season.
2. The design will be chosen by representatives of Blue Bear Aware from submissions received before July 31 2009.
3. The design will be chosen for how well it is suited for a fun and fashionable t-shirt and for how well it raises
Allergy Awareness (detailed criteria on reverse).
4. The winning artist will receive 2 t-shirts in the sizes they request and a cash prize of $100 for use of their design
on the t-shirt and in promotional material used to promote the sale of the clothing.
5. Blue Bear Aware retains the right to integrate or change the design to accommodate the screenprinting process
and to suit the Blue Bear Aware Brand*.
6. Artistic credit will be given to the artist in all promotional materials.
7. $2.00 from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to Anaphylaxis Canada.

* The Blue Bear Aware brand uses humour, fashion trends and contemporary graphics to raise allergy awareness. We believe Allergy Alert apparel should be both informative and fun to wear!

Submission Guidelines

1. Email an electronic version* of your artwork by July 31, 2009 to The winner will be contacted to submit original artwork via mail.

* Only low res Tiffs, Jpegs or PDFs will be accepted and judged.

2. You must be a resident of Canada and must be 13 to 18 years old.

3. All submitted designs must be original and created by the artist.

4. Artwork must be:
• on a white background
• maximum 3 colours can be used in the design
• accepted mediums: markers, pencil crayon,
computer generated, graphite
• minimum size: 6" x 8", maximum size 8" x 10"
(note: artwork may be resized to suit children's t-shirt measurements)

Artwork that does not meet these specifications will not be accepted.

5. Artwork may include a message in English.

6. Artwork should communicate a general allergy alert message (not specific to one allergen) so that many people may benefit from wearing the t-shirt.

7. Spread the Word- tell your friends about the contest!

Terms and Conditions
1. All submissions and all rights associated with each submission will become the exclusive property of Blue Bear Aware. Blue Bear Aware will retain the winning artist’s artwork.
2. Each artist waives all moral rights and similar rights of authorship or integrity to any submission that the artist may have in, and in each element of, such submission.
3. By submitting works to be entered into the competition, each artist consents to the collection and use of his/her personal information and the disclosure of his/her name as part of the administration of the competition process and the sale of products incorporating the winning submission by Blue Bear Aware.
5. In accepting prizes, the winner acknowledges that Blue Bear Aware will not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using the submission.
6. The winning artist acknowledges that the winning design will be used to promote the sale of the clothing, including, websites, emails, posters, press-releases, in-store promotional materials, customer hand-outs and mailers without further compensation.
7. Blue Bear Aware reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time for any reason. In the event of such cancellation, Blue Bear Aware will not retain any files of submitted artwork nor retain rights of the t-shirt designs or exploit such t-shirt designs in any way.
8. Blue Bear Aware reserves the right not to award a winner if entries do not meet submission guidelines or suit the Blue Bear Aware Brand.
9. If the selected winner is unable or unwilling to comply in full with these Terms and Conditions, the prize will be forfeited.


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