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Anaphylaxis Canada's Spring Conference

It was a real pleasure to meet many Blue Bear Aware customers at Anaphylaxis Canada's Spring Conference; Food for thought: translating food allergy research into practice.

It was a great conference with many exciting speakers and insightful presentations. A few, of the many, highlights were listening to Presenters speak on....
  • Update on Peanut Allergy Research,
  • Food labeling in Canada,
  • Anaphylaxis management in Schools and Community.
In addition there were many exhibitors offering great resources for families with Food Allergies;
  • Allergy Sense an extensive Food Allergy Resource and Directory for articleds on recipes, allergy tips and promotions,
  • AllerDine a resource for local restaurants and how they handle food allergies,
  • Nutrition for you Condition innovative items for dining and travel,
  • The Chef Upstairs a private dining and cooking studio hosting kids with food allergies in the kitchen- summer camps available!
And Thanks for the great Toronto hospitality!


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