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Anaphylaxis Motion M-230, Update

CAI meeting in Ottawa with MP Dean Allison maps out Spring action....

As Canada’s federal MPs returned for their Parliamentary Spring Session, Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) member Cindy Paskey met with Glanbrook-Niagara West MP Dean Allison in Ottawa to discuss what can be accomplished this Spring within the federal government for awareness of severe allergies.

CAI is working with a core group of MPs to raise greater understanding of the daily challenges anaphylaxis presents to affected Canadians, their families and the general public. MP Dean Allison, a leading champion of this campaign, comments, “I understand the stressful challenges of staying safe through the many e-mails and messages of support I receive- not only from families, but also from the many people who know someone living with a life-threatening allergy. Parliament and the Ottawa bureaucracy can help increase their health and safety.”

One of their key successes has been introducing an anaphylaxis awareness motion in the House of Commons. MP Allison’s M-230 reads:

That in the opinion of the House, anaphylaxis is a serious concern for an increasing number of Canadians and the government should take the appropriate measures necessary to ensure these Canadians are able to maintain a high quality of life.

Cindy Paskey comments on her Ottawa visit. “Talks with Dean Allison have been very productive. Together, the CAI and MPs will continue their efforts to educate the Parliament Hill community. Greater awareness and government actions are necessary to achieve day-to-day safety for the increasing number of Canadian children and families coping with severe allergies that can cause deadly allergic reactions.”

Ms. Paskey explains that, in the months to come, CAI will meet with MPs sitting on the Health Committee and will continue the dialogue with the Minister of Health and her staff. There are plans to host an information meeting to ensure all Parliamentarians receive the latest news relating to Motion 230. Also, as a stakeholder, CAI continues to engage HealthCanadain the improvement of allergen labeling regulations.

About CAI

The Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) is a network of Canadian families, who are working with Members of Parliament to raise awareness in Ottawa regarding severe, life-threatening allergies. CAI families wish to see action on anaphylaxis issues at the federal level. We believe there are a few ways to achieve our results:

•Raise awareness with MPs and the Parliament Hill community (our law makers);
•Support MPs with their dealings within bureaucracy (our policy makers); and,
•Respond to current affairs re anaphylaxis (to impactOttawa’s decision making process).
The CAI works independently from the government relations efforts of other national, membership-based associations, yet shares information and collaborates where invited.

For more information on the CAI and its specific policy requests of the federal government, visit the group’s website at

For more information, visit the CAI Facebook page and/or contact:

Cindy Paskey, 905 934-0681 /

Debbie Bruce, 905 828 1954 /

Don Tulloch, Legislative Assistant, M.P. Dean Allison — 613 995-2772 /


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