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CLOSING SALE 40%-55% off all regular priced products

Dear Blue Bear Aware Customers;
It is with mixed emotions that Roberta and Elizabeth are closing Blue Bear Aware's doors as of March. It has been our joy and inspiration over the past six years creating fun and fashionable allergy awareness gear for kids while at the same time providing reassurance for parents.
Over the years we have enjoyed receiving the children's colouring contest entries, receiving photos of your children in Blue Bear Aware's allergy gear, numerous emails and phone calls with your heart felt thanks for our product and for sharing many touching stories as to how your family's live with allergies everyday.

Thank you for your patronage and support over the years.

Stock up and let them grow into it!
All auto-injector pouches and Allerbling wristbands are 40% off. Use the code 40%off in the coupon box and All other regular priced merchandise is 55%off. Use the code 55%off in the coupon box at the check out.

Also many bargains can be found at the On Sale.

In addition, Blue Bear Aware has been an inspiration over the past six years and we are accepting expressions of interest to purchase the business if you were considering a career move or wanted to be at home with your family and supplement your income. Contact Elizabeth at for more information.
Or please contact us regarding wholesale products liquidated March 1st to March 8th.
*This promotion cannot be applied to previous orders or used with another promotion.This is a Blue Bear Aware credit and is not redeemable for cash. Sale items are not applicable to sale. Offer valid till Feb 28 2012 or while quantities last.

Please feel free to share this promotion with family or friends.


  1. I tested the codes and they seem to be working ok now.
    We had a large volume of orders over the past 2 days- maybe it was too much for the web-site?
    If you don't mind trying again and it doesn't work- please let me know.


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