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The Difference Two Years Can Make

Where does the time fly? The last post made on this blog was March, 2013, and it simply stated "New Ownership for Blue Bear Aware. Please visit us soon." Here we are two years later and so much has changed! I could write forever on how things have changed, but to sum it up:

  • Yes, new ownership! Sisters Roberta and Elizabeth, the cofounders of Blue Bear, did a fabulous job on building the business, but they mutually decided it was time to pass the torch. I happily jumped in with both feet. Having a severely peanut allergic daughter and another with oral allergy syndrome meant we live with allergies day in and out, so why not make it a career choice too? You can read more about us here.

  • New country. Shortly after purchasing Blue Bear, our family made the giant leap from Vancouver, BC, to Houston, TX, and of course, Blue Bear came with us. Now that we are US permanent residents doesn't mean we've forgotten our Canadian roots. The move to the US happily brings great perks for our worldwide customers.  For one, shipping is much more inexpensive (would you believe it is cheaper to mail a package from Houston to Vancouver than it is from East Vancouver to Westside Vancouver? True!). A new location also means we have more buying power and access to more products. 

  • New look. Blue Bear has grown and matured into a vibrant, hip bear with a new look and logo. You'll see his cute little face all over the website and he's even made it onto colouring pages that we send out with each and every order.

    Zipzicle at Blue Bear Aware
  • New products. We're thrilled to bring new products to the Blue Bear Aware brand. One of our favourites and most popular is SpiBelt. Made in neighboring Austin, TX, SpiBelt is of great quality and is sure to be popular with your family. Zipzicle is another product that is taking off like hot cakes. Be sure to check it out as well as the neoprene holders to accompany them. CarryNine, a Canadian company, brings sophisticated leather Auvi-Q / Allerject carriers to the shop. Texan summers are crazy hot and that led us to FRIO - a cooling pocket that keeps EpiPens and Allerjects/ Auvi-Q within a safe temperature zone. Lastly, although it's not new on the shelves, the name is - KozyGo (formerly KozyEpi) continues to bring us new trendy styles married with fabulous Canadian quality.
That's it for now. I hope to hop on here with more frequency this year and share allergy related tidbits from time to time. I hope you'll hang out with us.

Take care,


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