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Teal Pumpkin Inspiration

We've been really inspired by the fabulous teal pumpkins out there this year. My three girls (8, 7 and 3) and I decided to get creative ourselves and decorate with a little flair . The main goal was to keep it low-cost and use things from around the house. First stop was Michael's for some inexpensive paper mache and craft pumpkins. If you procrastinate long enough, it sometimes can work in your favour! We found these goodies at 50% off.

Next, we hit the kid's craft supply box at home and dug through for the teal colored accessories. Since we have all girls in our house, there were plenty of feathers, sparkles and beads. I was shocked at the amount of teal I found just by searching through what we already had.

And since we already had plenty of primary colored craft paint around the house, I followed this recipe to make our own teal paint. The bonus is that you can mix it to any shade desired.

My favorite pumpkin turned out to be this sparkling beauty and bonus was that it was pretty easy to make. Starting at the bottom, I painted a dark teal color and sprinkled with a fine glitter immediately so it would stick before the paint dried. I added white to the teal paint to make it shades lighter and then painted the middle portion of the pumpkin, followed by more glitter. Next was the white paint and glitter on top and voila! All in all, it took about 10 minutes. Sadly, this photo doesn't show off it's awesome glittery-ness, but it was easy peasy and it looks great.

I'm calling this one country vintage. Again, pretty simple. We first painted the whole thing with a darker shade of teal. Once it was dry, we used a dry brush and very little of a lighter shade of teal. Brush it on lightly, while letting some of the darker shade peak through. A few feathers secured with a teal rose and call it a day.

My three year old had great fun with the third smallest pumpkin. First, she painted it all over and we let it dry completely. Next, I supplied her with glue, sequins, flowers, googly eyes, beads, paper squares and anything else we had in a shade of blue from around the house and let her go at it! Her big sisters helped her with some of the smaller beads and I think they did a great job on this mosaic pumpkin.

Have a teal pumpkin you'd like to share? Post it to our Facebook page - we'd love to see what others are doing! For more teal pumpkin project inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.


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